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Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau announces rebrand

Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau announces rebrand

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Excited to announce a rebrand, The Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau — also known as Visit Laredo — launched the “Here We Rise Together” campaign and tagline “Unity. History. Cultura.” Accompanied by a newly designed logo, this campaign highlights the positively rich bi-cultural environment it offers visitors, residents and businesses alike.

“This rebrand comes at an exciting time when the city is celebrating 265 years since its foundation in 1755,” said Aileen Ramos, director of the Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau. This history is showcased as a part of the new logo, and the campaign theme “Here We Rise Together” indicates how the city has and continues to grow. The campaign tagline, “Unity. History. Cultura.” connects two English words with the Spanish word for culture to further illustrate the bi-cultural experience.


From a small village to a trade-filled inland port city, Laredo brings connection and unity to trade partners throughout the world. In 2019, the city was ranked number two in the nation with $231.58 billion in imports and exports, as stated by the Laredo Economic Development Corporation. This hub of activity bringing cultural goods and services and building history.


Laredo’s unique history is undeniable. With a historic role as the capital city of an independent country — the Republic of Rio Grande — for a brief period of time and annual events such as the Laredo International Sister Cities Festival, Laredo shares its vibrant history with worldwide sightseers. For example, Washington’s Birthday Celebration in February brings up to 400,000 visitors every year. Anyone walking through downtown will notice a treasure trove of architectural gems, museums and experiences for history buffs and art and culture lovers alike.


Everyone easily falls in love with the culture of Laredo once they taste it. The authentic Mexican and cultural food is just one part. Birdwatchers love Laredo, as they were one of the first cities in the U.S. to see three types of kingfishers. Shoppers love the extensive selection of import shops and boutiques in the downtown area offering cultural-based items from Mexico and local artisans. From foodies to adventurers, Laredo has something for everyone.

“Laredo is a place you can discover and you’ll have a really good experience of something that you didn’t know existed,” said Ramos. “When you realize what Laredo is, you’ll come to recognize something so unique, you’ll want to come back. We are excited to more fully share and communicate our authentic and passionately cultural community with others.”


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