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Large quake rocks Mindanao, Philippines

Large quake rocks Mindanao, Philippines

A huge 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of the island o Mindanao in the Philippines today, Friday, April 28, 2017, at 20:23:30 UTC. Originally, the US Geological reported the quake at the magnitude of 7.2, but later downgraded it.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said dangerous waves could reach as far away as 300 kilometers from the epicenter and could even reach as far away as Indonesia.

A man who experienced the earthquake shared his horror and said: “That was the strongest earthquake i have ever experienced in my life.”

There have been no reports of damages to date.


• 72 km (45 miles) S (189 degrees) of General Santos, Mindanao, Philippines
• 189 km (117 miles) SSW (199 degrees) of Davao, Mindanao, Philippines
• 216 km (134 miles) SSE (155 degrees) of Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines
• 1063 km (660 miles) W (259 degrees) of KOROR, Palau

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