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LAX Airport: No water, no toilets

LAX Airport: No water, no toilets

A water main break this morning outside Terminal 5 at Los Angeles International Airport caused some inconvenience for passengers, but hasn’t delayed any flights, airport officials said.

A water main break at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) happened at around 10:30 this morning, shutting down water fountains and restrooms in the Central Terminal Area. Officials are recommending passengers plan to arrive a little early to use restrooms in other terminals if their flights are departing from this area.

Portable toilets are on their way and workers are supplying affected passengers with bottled water in the terminal. The concessions in Terminal 5 are still open selling prepackaged food items.

The break occurred outside Terminal 5, causing the curb lane fronting this terminal as well as Terminal 6 to be closed off so equipment could be set up to take care of the repair. No timeframe has been reported as to when the repair will be completed.

Flights are not affected.

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