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“Little Emperor Cutie” is spreading Chinese New Year greeting on his global tour

“Little Emperor Cutie” is spreading Chinese New Year greeting on his global tour

Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival, is undoubtedly the grandest tradition of China. This annual festival has been uprising in many different countries, slowly but gradually spreading the Chinese New Year traditions and culture around the world and becoming a fashionable lifestyle.

As the Spring Festival of 2017 is just around the corner, CITIC Guoan Grand-Epoch-City mascot – the cartoon character “Little Emperor Cutie” will act as a friendship messenger of 2017 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Chinese grand temple fair to visit Singapore, Sydney, Moscow, Paris, and New York and send greetings and blessings to overseas Chinese, and meanwhile, disseminating the Chinese traditional cultures and spirits to the world. During the tour, the Chinese culture ambassadors will video to record the journey and interact with the global users through the internet.

This special event is hosted by CITIC Guoan Grand-Epoch-City, which is also the organizer of 2017 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei grand temple fair for the upcoming Spring Festival. Not only a representative for the individual symbol of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei grand temple fair, it also integrates Chinese culture and creates a platform for connecting Chinese people from all around the world.

“Little Emperor Cutie” will return to the grand temple fair on Chinese New Year’s eve, carrying the blessings and greetings from Chinese all around the world. The organizer of “Little Emperor Cutie Global Tour” commented, “If we wish to introduce our cultures to the world, not only should we have initiative and innovative spirit, but also include fashion, culture, emotion and other elements to create a monumental impact for the whole world to experience.”

The upcoming 2017 Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei grand temple fair will amplify its theme around the emperor’s very own “little home” where everybody can have a stroll along with a concurrent fair. In conjunction with combining the highlights of scientific and technical elements as well as to imbue ethics and to introduce international elements to create hundreds of activities, the fair will be segregated into several parts such as the royalty section, the folks section, the culture section and also the fashion and food section fair.

This event is open to individuals of any nationality across the world. Filled with the abundant charm of both Chinese and international cultures, this event will utterly take this year’s 2017 Chinese New Year by storm!