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Looking for Israel tourists, Tanzania set to establish embassy in Tel Aviv

Looking for Israel tourists, Tanzania set to establish embassy in Tel Aviv

Tanzania is looking to attract Israel tourists and business stakeholders, while Tanzanian Christian pilgrims are looking up to visit Israel in rising numbers through visa application between Dar es Salaam and Tel Aviv.

The Embassy of Israel in Nairobi has established a visa handling center in Dar es Salaam to strengthen bilateral relations with Tanzania, looking to process travel documents between Dar es Salaam and Tel Aviv.

Tanzania President John Magufuli had expressed his intention to open the Tanzania embassy in Tel Aviv  in a letter he addressed to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his official visit to Uganda in July of last year.

In the letter sent to Mr. Netanyahu through Tanzanian Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Augustine Mahiga, President Magufuli had expressed his intention to establish a permanent embassy in Israel for the first time.

Tanzanian Minister for Tourism Prof. Jumanne Maghembe said a visa handling center, of which he witnessed its opening, would speed up travel arrangements between Tanzania and Israel with expectations to attract more Israeli tourists while facilitating visa application to Tanzanians looking to visit the Holy Land.

Prof. Maghembe said tourist charter planes from Israel are welcomed to bring tourists to Tanzania through travel arrangements to be processed in Dar es Salaam.

The number of Israel tourists to Tanzania had increased from 3,007 in 2011 to 14,754 in 2015, according to data available from the Tanzania Tourist Board.

Israel still conducts its relations with Tanzania via its Embassy in Kenya, and Tanzanians wishing to travel to Israel had to process their documents through Nairobi. The 2 countries are now looking to further strengthen their relations for which Israel has opened a visa center in Tanzania.

The Tanzania Tourist Board, on its part, has been encouraging Israeli tourists to make Tanzania their African safari destination, while a number of Tanzanians were looking to travel to Israel for religious pilgrimage in holy cities of Israel.

Negotiations between the Tanzania government and Israel are going on to get the best means that would help to strengthen and quicken travel and tourism links between Israel and Tanzania.

There are tourist charter planes from Israel landing at Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar boarded with Israelis.

Israel ambassador in Kenya Mr. Yahel Vilan said Tanzania stands among African countries which Israel has been looking for business and diplomatic cooperation. Israeli airline, El Al, has been looking to launch special tourist flights to Tanzania.

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