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Lufthansa 692 Frankfurt – Amman, a three-star rating

Lufthansa 692 Frankfurt – Amman, a three-star rating

Yesterday I flew on LH692 from Frankfurt to Amman, Jordan, on a new Lufthansa Airbus 321.

The flight was completely booked, and I was lucky to get an isle seat in row 35. Even though I am a 1K 2 Million Mile Flyer and Star Alliance Gold with United Airlines, this means nothing at Lufthansa German Airline.

There was no priority boarding in Frankfurt, not even for Business Class passengers. Lufthansa only allows their own Gold members, they call them senators, to make advance seat reservations, so I was lucky to get an isle seat.

My suitcase was 2 pounds over the limit the Lufthansa agent must have set on her own. The persistent lady  made me put 2 pounds into a second small bag I had in my suitcase.

She said if I was in business class I could have left everything in one suitcase. I told her as a Gold Member I should have the same rules as business class. She said NO NO.

Since she agreed the second bag was free for Gold members I was able to take everything but in two bags. It was inconvenient to pack a second suitcase in front of waiting passengers and the  airline  had to handle two bags instead of one. It takes more space, but rules are rules.

After I sat down in my tiny economy seat the flight attendant made an announcement for passengers to download a Lufthansa Entertainment App in order to watch movies or TV during the flight. The plane had no monitors or head sets.

Not having German internet access it made it a challenge and I was wondering why this wasn’t told at check in or better why it wasn’t printed on the boarding pass or online confirmation email.  Oh well, I missed out on entertainment on this 4 hour flight.

There was no leg space, and I mean none. The seats were extremely uncomfortable, even though the food was good for economy class. Flight attendants came through the cabins with drinks a number of times during the flight. All good, but putting the tray table down was hardly possible for a guy my size.

Did I miss United Airlines Economy Plus! Yes  I did. Lufthansa Economy Plus – not offered.

I booked business class on the return but noticed seats are the same for a 2.45 am flight to Frankfurt. There goes my sleep and my money.

Lufthansa you could do better on this flight!

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