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Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines test in-flight shopping platform SKYdeals

Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines test in-flight shopping platform SKYdeals

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge for travel and tourism.  is an initiative adopted by industry and government leaders in 106 countries. eTurboNews: has taken the global lead.

Due to the current corona pandemic, offers on board had to be restricted. This also applies to onboard sales. To give customers the opportunity to shop above the clouds again, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines are now testing a new in-flight shopping experience for their passengers – via Internet on board (FlyNet).

Guests will have free access to the SKYdeals shopping platform via the FlyNet portal with their mobile device during their flight within Germany and Europe. The platform is the first online marketplace on board for so-called “shoppertainment”. At the start of the test phase, passengers will receive a free FlyNet Mail&Surf voucher after the sale is completed.

With just one click on the online marketplace, information such as destination and flight route is transmitted to SKYdeals. The SKYdeals Inflight Shopping platform offers a selection of products, each of which is related to the destination or the flight route. The following sales formats are part of the program:

  • FLY
    OVER: exclusive discounts on local products such as Swiss chocolate and
    pocket knives on flights over Switzerland or fan articles of German
    football clubs over Germany
    SALES / PRIVATE SALES: exclusive offers in fashion, beauty and accessories

After convenient online
ordering and payment on board via the SKYdeals platform, the customer can have
the order delivered by post to his desired address.

Erik Mosch, Vice President
Product Management Ancillary Services Lufthansa Group welcomes the cooperation:
“With the creative and exciting product range of SKYdeals, coupled with
the free access to the Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines FlyNet portal, we are
taking the in-flight experience to a new level. We are delighted to be able to
offer our customers the opportunity to shop above the clouds again”.

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