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Lufthansa turns to the media for help at FRAPORT: 3000 Passengers caught in chaos

Lufthansa turns to the media for help at FRAPORT: 3000 Passengers caught in chaos

The Lufthansa Group is reaching out to the media for their help in bringing attention to the situation in terminal one at Frankfurt Airport (FRAPORT), after 3000 of their passengers were unable to make their flight yesterday. Yesterday was one of the busiest travel days in Germany.

Lufthansa is saying security staff is overwhelmed causing delays for 3000 passengers that missed their Lufthansa flight on one of Germany’s busiest travel day yesterday, the begin of the Christmas Holiday travel season.

A spokesperson for the German Federal Police told German media. “Yesterday was the busiest day for FRAPORT. We had 200,000 passengers. a record number.”

Passengers had to stand in line for up to 90 minutes, 88 LH flights were delayed. Remarkable is, flights were not delayed, because Lufthansa had a sense of customer responsibility and waited for their passengers, but the delay was caused because Lufthansa wanted to maintain its on-time record and took off while passengers were still in line for security. The delay was caused because Lufthansa had to offload suitcases checked by delayed passengers.

Reading the press release in between lines and only issued in German by Lufthansa Group had concerns about the airline losing revenue. There was not one word about a real concern about their passengers. The release didn’t mention any attempts on how LH assisted passengers in delaying flights to catch up with German Federal Police procedures.

Lufthansa Board member Dr. Detlef Kayser told the media: “Next year we should work with German Federal Police (responsible for security checks) and FRAPORT to resolve such issues.”

This appears to be a good New Year’s resolution.

Just in July Lufthansa welcomed 13 Million Passengers that month.