LUX*, Vanilla Islands & SUNx announce SDG-17 Climate Resilience partnership

A Climate Resilience partnership for the Indian Ocean was formed on May 22 at the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Global Business Network Forum in Mauritius.

The partnership which was made in the spirit of SDG-17 is between LUX* Resorts & Hotels, the Vanilla Islands, and SUNx. It focuses on a shared commitment to place Climate Learning, Resilience, and Innovation Centers in the region.

Speaking from the SIDS conference, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, co-founder of SUNx and TraNexus blockchain solutions and President of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP), said:

“We are honored to announce our partnership with LUX* and The Vanilla Islands to place SUNx Centres in the region. This is part of a regional alliance which includes the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism who has already pledged their commitment to placing a Centre on the island.”

Vishnee Sowamber, LUX* Group Sustainability & CSR Manager, said:

“In line with LUX* Sustainability strategy and Ray of Light & Tread Lightly initiatives, stakeholder inclusiveness is at the core of our business model. To demonstrate same, concrete projects are in place. The SUNx project is a step further on this agenda to plant seeds of ambassadors for the people and the planet in Mauritius and in other destinations. This will be done through partnerships with the stakeholders involved.”

SUNx – Strong Universal Network is a legacy initiative of Maurice Strong, Sustainable Development Pioneer, promoting Climate Resilient, Impact-Travel ~ Measured: Green: 2050-proof. It’s supported by TraNexus – blockchain technology to make travel easier, better, greener, and fun. At its core are an evolving global network of innovative, cost-effective, solar-powered buildings at SUNx Centres. Delivered in a single container they can be easily positioned in a range of communities including national parks, urban centers, and heritage sites.

SUNx Centres will be interconnected via a global technology platform for monitoring and analyzing climate resilience data for learning and innovation. They will be linked by specially-trained Curators with graduate trainee support through Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarships, provided by industry CSR support. They will share information between destinations and act as educational hubs, capacity building centers, and demonstration sites.

Professor Lipman went on to say:

“Given the vulnerability of SIDS to climate change, and the importance of Travel & Tourism to the economies of these islands, we are proud to be building a Climate Resilience network for the region which is focused on aligning the industry with the relevant SDG and Paris climate targets.”

Pascal Viroleau, CEO The Vanilla Islands Organization, reinforced this message by saying:

“The islands are facing challenges. They are land-locked, they suffer from Climate Change, but they are innovative. Partnering with SUNx will bring information on the travel impact and create a network at the same time. Together we are stronger, and with the technology the Vanilla Islands will shine out of our region.”

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