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Madhya Pradesh Emerging as Camping and Adventure Tourism Hub

Madhya Pradesh Emerging as Camping and Adventure Tourism Hub

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Madhya Pradesh Emerging as Camping and Adventure Tourism Hub

Madhya Pradesh (MP), at the heart of the Incredible India campaign and also known as a cultural and heritage destination, is now being transformed into an adventure tourism hub by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB). With the concept to promote a camping culture across the state, the Tourism Board is continuously working to attract adventure investors, operators, and of course, tourists.

The MP Tourism Board started off in 2018 and tackled the new realm of adventure in the state. They strived to focus on some of the unique camping and adventure arrangements in the state to make this mission a success. Under this project, 40 campsites will be created this year. Along with it, around 200 local people have been employed and over this period of time, more than 4,000 tourists have booked these camping and adventure activities across Madhya Pradesh.

With a lot of rigorous planning as well as execution, the Tourism Board has increased the adventure manifolds in Madhya Pradesh. Mostly focusing on youth and families, it has been pretty successful by bringing them closer to nature through unique camping sites and activities like waterfall treks, wildlife safari, jungle walks, and more. Apart from these, 12 new excursion routes were created along the National Highway for organizing biking and cycling tours. There have also been several successful events organized like Adventure Next, Omkareshwar Festival, and Cycling Tours. These not only attracted locals and Indian tourists but also fascinated the foreigners.

Managing Director of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, Mr. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai, said: “Currently we have set up 30 Adventure Campsites in MP and we are planning to set-up around 100 adventure campsites, so that everyone can come and experience the great outdoors of MP which has for so long being hidden from the eyes of the adventure lovers. Madhya Pradesh has received the best adventure state award for two consecutive years from Ministry of tourism.”

A tourist who visited one of the campsites said: “I think Madhya Pradesh has a lot of potential for tourism due to its admirable scenic beauty. Along with it, the state has come a long way through the adventure activities. I am happy that this entire mission has spread awareness about getting close to nature, and it has been thriving and loved by all visiting here. It is a great achievement that Madhya Pradesh is now not only getting its tourism due to its heritage and cultural importance but because of the adventurous and thrilling options, too.”

With a positive attitude towards the enrichment of this project, MPTB heads towards the next steps of their plan this year. It aims to put more campsites as well as attract around 10,000 by the end of the year 2020. With these ambitious plans by the board, Madhya Pradesh is sure to get another shiny feather in its hat.

Over 30 campsites were developed and in execution in different districts of Madhya Pradesh where tourists from all over the country come to go camping in Madhya Pradesh. Here, they feel nature and enjoy adventure activities such as a jungle trek, mountain climbing, tractor ride, water sports activities, and many more. Apart from these adventure activities, tourists also enjoy just camping along with team games, live music, bonfires, dance, rides, archery, kabaddi, tree plantation, tug of war, a Cleanliness Drive, and more.

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