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Major Earthquake in Puerto Rico: No power

Major Earthquake in Puerto Rico: No power

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Major Earthquake in Puerto Rico

Major Earthquake in Puerto Rico: No power

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake felt on the whole island of Puerto Rico. 

According to eyewitnesses half of the island is without power.

According to an eyewitness this means is that every generator has shut down under its protection protocols. The entire island is without power. This is Hurricane Maria all over again  According to eyewitnesses a tsunami warning in Puerto Rico was heard, and everyone is running for the hills…..

According to USGS, however, there is no longer a tsunami threat for the Island and the U.S. East Coast, despite other major media reporting about a Tsunami threat for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Indios is a barrio in the municipality of Guayanilla in Puerto Rico. The region was just hit by a 6.6 earthquake. Depth 4.3 miles at 4.24 am local time.

Guayanilla is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the southern coast of the island, bordering the Caribbean Sea, south of Adjuntas, east of Yauco; and west of Peñuelas and about 12 miles west of Ponce. Guayanilla is spread over 16 wards and Guayanilla Pueblo. It is part of the Yauco Metropolitan Statistical Area

10 minutes later a 6.1 aftershock hit Carenero Barrio.

A tweet says: “We are all safe in San Juan as of right now – after the 6.6 earthquakes in Puerto Rico. Let’s all pray. The earth is yelling at us around the world. We must change things and be kinder to the earth. Pray for Puerto Rico”

Another tourist tweeted: “This is my first earthquake and I wanna leave.”

Two aftershocks 5.3 and 5.2 were measured within 30 minutes after the 6.5. earthquake.

A house collapsed in the town of Yauco.

Major Earthquake in Puerto Rico: No power

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