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Major global rail conference to be held in London

Major global rail conference to be held in London

The 4th annual Asset information Data Management Smart Rail conference is to be held in London in June 2017.

Taking place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington on June 14th, the event will explore how the rail industry and digital technology intersect and what ‘Smart Rail’ will mean for the sector.

Key topics that will be explored include how the leading rail operators and infrastructure owners are using tech to gain a competitive advantage and inform their future asset management strategy. How smart technology can be used to increase operational efficiencies – such as through predictive maintenance and remote condition monitoring – will also be discussed.

Key speakers at the event will include:

• John Downes, Director, DECAMI

• Christian Schang, Director d’Operation, SNCF

• Douglas Young, Asset Information Manager, High-Speed Two (HS2)

• Dr Antony Rix, CEO, 8Power

• Antonio D’Agostino, Project Officer, Safety Unit, European Railway Agency

• Matthias Landgraf, Senior Scientist, Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy, Graz University of Technology

• Florian Pototschnig, Infrastructure Asset Manager, Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG

• Daniel Dötzl, Data Management Consulter, Data Compiler, Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG

Discussing the event, James Nesbitt, founder of event organiser Sagacity Media Ltd said: “Knowledge is power, and smart tech and the Internet of Things means that the rail industry has access to more knowledge of the minutiae of its operations than ever before.

“The convergence of technology and infrastructure can transform the rail industry, capable of supporting the sector in doing everything from increasing profits to lowering emissions and improving performance.

“Information is always an asset, and digital technology means accessing it has never been easier. The question is how the knowledge garnered from this data can be deployed to enable rail industry businesses to achieve its aims, whether corporate, environmental or operational.”

Previous events have been attended by some of the UK’s largest infrastructure and transport businesses globally, including Hitachi Rail Europe, Network Rail, Transport for London and Crossrail.

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