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Man dies after breaking through Honolulu Airport security

Man dies after breaking through Honolulu Airport security

A man who breached security at a terminal at Honolulu International Airport died after becoming unresponsive when detained.

The incident took place at a small commuter terminal at the airport early this morning when he pushed a security guard away and ran through two doors leading to an outdoor walkway where the planes are parked. He was stopped there by security and taken into custody.

There was a struggle, although it is not clear when this occurred, however, a security guard suffered head injuries as a result and remains hospitalized. According to reports, the main became unresponsive while being detained.

The Honolulu Fire Department, EMS, and Airport Rescue Fire Fighters performed life-saving measures, but the man who was in his 40s and was taken to a nearby hospital did not survive.

The man did not have a ticket for a flight.

No flights were affected.

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