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Mauritius ranked among the Top 10 countries to visit in 2018

Mauritius ranked among the Top 10 countries to visit in 2018

There is great news for Mauritius tourism! The holiday destination is ranked among the Top 10 countries in Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2018.

Mauritius tourism officials know it’s an honor for Mauritius to be selected as one of the best destinations to visit in the world in 2018 together with Chile, Portugal and New Zealand, among others.

Deciding which destinations to include in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel annual selection is a considered process involving Lonely Planet’s community of writers, editors, and bloggers providing hundreds of suggestions places that are not to be missed. These places are then shortlisted by a panel of in-house travel experts who consider criteria such as topicality, excitement, and wow-factor to decide what to include in the best-selling, inspirational travel yearbook.

The destinations selected for Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel must offer travelers an outstanding experience in the year ahead; it could be that something special is going on in the year ahead, that it offers travelers new things to see and do, or that Lonely Planet’s team of experts consider it overlooked and underrated, and recommend travelers visit before the crowds do.

As Mauritius will be celebrating a momentous milestone – the 50th Anniversary of Independence, a series of national events and activities are being organized to culminate in March 2018. Through its new title, the destination is guaranteed a large-scale international visibility among travelers, followers of various social media platforms and 1.6 million subscribers of the famous UK travel guide publisher.

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