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Mauritius Tourism in crisis mode

Mauritius Tourism in crisis mode

Mauritius’ controversial Tourism Minister, Xavier-Luc Duval, who was known to be against regional integration and only supported friendly national relations with the Vanilla Islands, has resigned today in a surprise move.

Along with Mauritius no longer having a Minister of Tourism, the government no longer has the political party, PMSD. The PMSD (Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate) is the Mauritian Social Democratic Party.

Xavier-Luc Duval, leader of the PMSD, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, has resigned from his post today, December 19. He was then followed by other ministers of his political party.

The decision of the leader of the PMSD to resign is allegedly the result of a disagreement over the Prosecution Commission Bill.

The PMSD has 11 members at the National Assembly, namely Deputy PM Xavier-Luc Duval, 3 ministers (Aurore Perraud, Dan Baboo, and Alain Wong), 2 Parliamentary Private Secretaries (PPS) (Salim Abbas Mamode and Thierry Henry), and deputies Adrien Duval [Deputy Speaker], Patrice Armance, Malini Sewocksingh, and Guito Lepoigneur.

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