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Mexico Tourism’s new global campaign: Everything Another World

Mexico Tourism’s new global campaign: Everything Another World

The Mexico Tourism Bureau presented its new global campaign, “Everything Another World” in New York.

This is a campaign that is the next chapter in the positioning and promotion of Mexico’s global tourism, focusing on vibrant and varied experiences that make visitors return to the country to visit more and more hundreds of destinations that Mexico offers.

The positioning of “Everything Another World” reveals in its entirety the proportions and diversity of Mexican tourism offerings, and arrives at a time when Mexico has gone from being the 15th most-visited nation in 2012 in the world at eighth place (source: UNWTO), surpassing several times the industry’s global growth rate.

“This new campaign invites us to immerse ourselves in everything that is Mexico,” said Hector Flores Santana, Managing Director of Mexico’s Tourist Board, and we believe that the very name says everything: Mexico is really, ‘Everything Another World.’ We always have visitors telling us that Mexico is different from what they have seen and experienced.

“They share with us the marvel that raises the fact that on one day one can relax in one of the best beaches in the world, stroll through colourful markets, listen to the Mayan language that is still spoken today, visit a hidden cenote in the jungle with its crystalline blue water, and finally enjoy a mix of ancient and modern flavors at dinner.

“Throughout their voyage they are greeted by the warm smiles of Mexicans, and at the same time live the quality of Mexican hospitality, famous all over the world.

“This new campaign seeks to capture this positive sense of being overwhelmed by feelings and discovery.”

The global marketing campaign and the many facets will start to be widespread immediately, with the first phase will be devoted to updating the website, social channel programs and digital media and public relations efforts.

Advertising, promotions and events in collaboration with the tourism industry and with many Mexican destinations will begin to spread in global markets in November. A new digital platform will be launched in December to interact with the video of ” Everything Another World “with a 360-degree view of Mexican experiences and a tool to build a list of things to do in Mexico.

The content and messages in the campaign were also designed to be customized based on the market, consumer segments, and the products offered by Mexican tourism, including sun and beaches, adventure and nature, medical or medical wellness, LGBT, cruises, culture, high-impact events, luxury, sustainability, and gastronomy.

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