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Montserrat: Official Statement by the Government

Montserrat: Official Statement by the Government

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Montserrat: Official Statement by the Government

The Government of Montserrat will be extending the shutdown as it continues to take steps to contain and prevent further spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID19) on Montserrat.

The Cabinet has met and agreed to extend the shutdown until 12:00a.m on Friday May 1, however a three-day window will be allowed at the end of the current shutdown to enable persons to purchase essential items and conduct money transactions.

On Monday April 20 to Wednesday April 22, supermarkets, banks and money transfer services, petrol stations and bakeries will be allowed to open for members of the public to access these services and conduct shopping within specified hours.

Shopping at the supermarkets will be conducted in alphabetical order to provide for smaller groups to access these businesses places and to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

Further details on the opening times for the aforementioned businesses and the alphabetical order for shopping arrangements, will be announced on Saturday April 18, 2020. Following this, the island will shut down again from 12:00a.m. on Thursday April 23 to Friday May 1, at 12:00a.m.

Montserrat records its second COVID-19 recovery

April 17, 2020, Government Information Unit, Davy Hill Montserrat – A second person has fully recovered from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Montserrat.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) is today announcing that another patient has made a full recovery from COVID-19, and two suspected cases have tested negative.

This was confirmed by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Reference Laboratory which recently investigated seven (7) local samples. The samples included five (5) follow up swabs from confirmed cases and two (2) suspected cases.

The Ministry of Health noted that while Montserrat appears to be trending in the right direction, failure to adhere to established physical distancing protocols could derail progress with the containment of COVID- 19.

Residents are therefore urged to continue to limit physical interactions with persons outside their households. Where extreme circumstances dictate that you must leave home; such as accessing essential services like medical care, the public is reminded to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet, properly wash and sanitize your hands and practice the correct respiratory etiquette by covering your coughs and sneezes.

These steps will continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19

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