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Moscow will be in the world top places to visit

Moscow will be in the world top places to visit

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According to the Moscow Department for tourism, Moscow will be in the world top places to visit. The Deputy Head for the Department for Tourism and Sports of Moscow Konstantin Goryainov made this comment at IMEX Frankfurt yesterday. «Considering the serious promotion of Moscow as the tourist destination, especially during the world football competitions in 2017 and 2018, Moscow will cease to be an enigma to potential tourists and will be in the world top places to visit», explained Konstantin Goryainov, speaking at the international MICE-industry exhibition IMEX in Frankfurt on May 17.

Traditionally, Moscow is considered to be mostly business destination.  According to Goryainov, until mid-2014, 80% of visits to the Russian capital committed to the business purpose. «More than 1,500 events annually taking place in Moscow. I can say that in the American and European markets it is quite difficult to find a venue for a business event, designed for 20,000 participants. The city is ideal to bring top management to a business conference and combine it with an entertainment program and thanks show», the official added.

Journalists agreed that Moscow has changed dramatically over the past 3-5 years, become a friendly and comfortable city for residents and visitors.

«Sometime ago, those who visited Moscow could see only one street for walking – Arbat. Today we have more than 270 km of pedestrian streets with  restaurants, cafes, entertainment, – Konstantin Goryainov cited the example. – They are safe, beautiful and attract many guests. Moscow started to hold the festival «Four seasons». Every season has something unusual and distinctive. For example, in May there was a festival with vocalists from all over the world. They sang on the venues near fountains, on the balconies in the center of the city, a real vocal show».

Moscow is represented by a bright ultra modern stand at the IMEX exhibition, which simply cannot go unnoticed.