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Movie star or tourism minister? Go to Pisa for the answer

Movie star or tourism minister? Go to Pisa for the answer

Pisa Tourism Minister Ghezzi should be placed at the top of the reasons that travelers must visit Pisa.

There are many amazing attributes to the Municipality of Pisa and one of them is the Minister of Tourism, Paolo Ghezzi.

Pisa Minister of Tourism. The Honorable Paolo Ghezzi

When I was introduced to him it did not “register” that this movie-star attractive and charming executive was the Tourism Minister. Although he is not listed as a major FAB (features, advantages and benefits) for the Municipality, it is my recommendation that Minister Ghezzi be placed at the top of the reasons that travelers “must visit” list for Pisa.

Born in 1963 in Piacenza, Ghezzi started his career path with a classical education and graduated with a degree in engineering. For many years he was a consultant for the Pisa Courthouse, the Livorno Public Prosecutor’s office and the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor for Palermo, Sicily. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Santanna Pisa where he shares his expertise in the area of environment management and control (i.e., waste cycle and management, waste dumping and land reclamation). Ghezzi is also an expert for the European Commission where he monitors environment and waste water management.

Since 2008 he has represented the Municipality of Pisa at the UNESCO Management Plano for the Leaning Tower and the Miracle Square of Pisa. Beginning in 2013 he assumed the position as Minister at the Pisa Municipality and Vice Mayor responsible for tourism, parks and public spaces, Pisa coast development and enhancing international relationships. He is also the Permanent President of the Pisa Election Committee, President of the Pisa branch of Italian Blood Donors Association, the Italian Bone Marrow Donors Association and the former President of the Pisa Rotary Foundation.


Pisa is a destination that must be experienced. In an interview with William Telford of the Plymouth Herald, Ghezzi said, “The city has a strong ambition for tourism, the aim is to get Pisa known for more than just the tower. Lots of people come here but we need to offer them more. Soon the infrastructure will enable us to do that.”

Pisa is investing 60 million Euros in restoration. The ancient city walls are being made accessible to pedestrians, buildings in the Piazza dei Cavalieri are being renovated and renewal of the 16th century Giardino Scotto gardens are planned.

Festivals are part of the marketing campaign including boat races on the River Arno, a new year celebration, Capodano Pisano (March), a Luminara (June) celebrating the patron Saint San Ranieri; at the Gioco del Ponte (June) teams take part in pushing a heavy trolley across the Arno bridge symbolizing an ancient battle that took place between the two halves of the city. In addition, there is a flower festival Fior di Citta (April), concerts, sports events and exhibitions.

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