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Myanmar Tourism invites: Be Enchanted

Myanmar Tourism invites: Be Enchanted

“Be Enchanted” Myanmar Tourism’s new tagline is as much a promise as it is an invitation. It’s realization. It’s a memory. It’s a moment. The word “enchanted” holds within it the true heart of Myanmar.

After five years, Myanmar is replacing its tourism branding — Let the Journey Begin — with “Be Enchanted.” The new brand portrays Myanmar as a friendly, charming, mystical, and as-yet-undiscovered destination.

The new brand was developed on the basis of the current awareness of Myanmar as a tourist destination and a comparison with a range of other destinations. A survey was conducted in the month of April 2018 at Yangon Int’l Airport Departure and the survey found that the tagline “Be Enchanted” reflects the good experience they had with Myanmar people – the kindness and warm welcome and evokes the image of Myanmar they had in mind – special, magical/mysterious. The tagline is considered attractive, convincing while it provokes curiosity.

During the survey, one of the travelers at the Yangon airport said: “I was enchanted by this magical country for every second of my time here. The people, the culture and the sights are enchanting”.

Travelers come to Myanmar with a sense of mystery and that unknown is what draws people to Myanmar. To experience and see what only few others have seen. It is to discover more about this land by oneself with their own eyes. The memories of their time in this country stain their memory with magical imagery and enthralling experiences that rightfully make it an enchanting land.

The logo font “Myanmar” is based on the shapes and identification of the Myanmar alphabet; the rounded characters make it a very distinct and instantly recognizable logo that inspires an exotic and embracing sense. But beyond that, the fonts, colors, imagery and textures selected express the key elements of the spirit and character of the destination and the experience that it promises to deliver.

The new brand will be used officially in Myanmar’s marketing activities such as travel shows, tourism road shows and any digital marketing related to tourism promotional activities/events starting from the launching date.

As the last frontier of Southeast Asia, the country wants to show the best of what it has to offer: beautiful beaches, ancient capitals, golden temples, majestic mountains, food and culture. Myanmar has something for every eye and every heart. The generosity of the land and its people will ensure that you are made to feel welcome, not as a tourist but as a guest. Visit Myanmar and be enchanted.