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National Airlines joins global Haitian relief effort

National Airlines joins global Haitian relief effort

National Airlines, a global charter and scheduled service passenger and cargo airline, today announced that it has been providing support for Haiti as that country rebuilds following the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.

National has transported large power generators as well as critical water purification equipment into the most difficult to reach places in Haiti.  These supplies provided much needed support and critical infrastructure at a time when global relief experts are desperate for new solutions and are estimating an infinite need of new resources to Haiti for the foreseeable future.

“Nearly 1.4 million people in Haiti remain in need of humanitarian assistance and 40% of those are children, according to the United Nations,” noted Chris Alf, National Chairman and CEO.  “We are proud to be a part of these efforts to bring much needed equipment to Haitians during a critical time.”

National is one of only a handful global airlines to provide substantial relief to Haiti and its people, and remains committed to continuing in its relief efforts in any way.

Mark Burgess, President of National, said, “Very few privately held airlines are properly equipped to move such large quantities of heavy equipment with unusual, emergency-driven lead times.  National is uniquely positioned to facilitate such last-minute transport.”

National remains committed to expanding its global operation both in cargo and passenger service and is committed to supporting Haiti in its transportation and cargo needs into the future.

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