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Need a new side hustle? San Francisco Dungeon looking for new corpse

Need a new side hustle? San Francisco Dungeon looking for new corpse

The San Francisco Dungeon is now holding open auditions for “dead” bodies to replace a retiring corpse.

The San Francisco Dungeon is the ultimate live action journey through the Bay Area’s murky past where the audience is part of the show. Guests will see the corpse during the portion of the experience that showcases Chinatown Plague where they will encounter the Rat Catcher along the back alleys of 1900 Chinatown and where quarantined streets hide something even more shocking than infected rats and rotting bodies.

To make room for the newly exiled, the Dungeon is retiring their longtime in-house corpse, Barry the Body, who has decided to go into early retirement.

To fill the vacancy, the attraction is seeking a live person to become the replacement body – toe tag not required. Those dying for the new role can submit their audition video via The San Francisco Dungeon website. As for what they are looking for in their new corpse, the candidate will ideally be able to lay still for long stretches of time and remain motionless while passing guests stare. Applicants must also be able to apply detailed, realistic make-up simulating the effects of the plague of the body. Compensation will be negotiated based on what the selected new body literally brings to the table.

For those not seeking new employment but are curious about spending time in total darkness, there is still time to experience the limited-time show “Blackout,” a seasonal addition to the Dungeon’s suspect lineup. Visitors will be challenged to find their way through total darkness in a haunted maze of gold mines.

The San Francisco Dungeon’s blackout programming runs now through April 22.