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Need Help! Tourists and locals fleeing for their lives in Greece

Need Help! Tourists and locals fleeing for their lives in Greece

Deadly forest fires are causing death and destruction in Greece. The worst Greek forest fires in a decade have raged through holiday resorts near Greece’s capital, killing more than 100 people. This is according to local news reports, even though the confirmed number of dead is 26.

“I am really concerned by the parallel outbreak of these fires,” a visitor told an eTN reporter. If you are a tourist and need help, call 199.

Locals and tourists are fleeing for their life. Most casualties are in an area 40 km east of Athens where people were surprised by the fires.

Greece has appealed for help from other countries to help tackle a spate of fires which were raging uncontrolled in the country.

“Due to the intensity of the fires and the dangers they pose our country submitted a request through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for international assistance with air and land assets,” a fire brigade spokeswoman said.

On Tuesday morning at least 100 were killed. according to local media reports. Greece declared a state of emergency because of raging forest fires on either side of Athens.

Late Monday, an AFP photographer came across a burned out car with three charred bodies underneath it near the port town Rafina, one of the worst affected areas about 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of Athens.

Mati is in the Rafina region which is popular with local tourists, particularly pensioners and children at holiday camps.

“We are dealing with something completely asymmetric,” Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said after cutting short a visit to Bosnia. “It’s a difficult night for Greece,” he added.

Greek authorities were rushing to evacuate residents and tourists stranded on beaches in coastal areas early on Tuesday.

Dozens of people scrambled into the ocean as the blaze raged close to the shore, and they were picked up by passing boats.

Nine coastal patrol boats, two military vessels and “dozens of private boats” assisted by army helicopters were mobilized to help those stuck in Rafina harbor.

Greece issued an urgent appeal for help to tackle the fires, saying it needed air and land assets from its European Union partners. Cyprus offered to send fire engines and personnel