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Nepal Tourism: Wooing India travelers

Nepal Tourism: Wooing India travelers

Much is happening in Nepal, the Himalayan nation, be it a new brand logo, with an attractive red bindi round ball, new infrastructure and connectivity projects, or focus on experiential travel.

The country continues to rely heavily on India for tourists, with which it has strong old connections.

Nepal Tourism Board officials interacted with Indian agents in Delhi, India, on July 8, 2019, where they gave elaborate relevant details of what is happening, so that more Indians are tempted to go there by air or road.

More flights and cities are being added to the network, and what is more, new airports and roads are being added in a phased manner, to open in years to come. India has learned a lot from Nepal about outbound tourism.

Nepal Airlines is augmenting its fleet and the problems of the past are really in the past, NTB officials said.

The team moved to other cities to convey the same message that 2020 is Visit Nepal Year and much is being done to support this.

Today’s event was organized in a unique interactive manner, with agents being involved to learn more about the destination. There were quiz contests and questions posed that made for an interesting format.