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New Air France airline: hypertech

New Air France airline: hypertech

It will be named Joon, the new airline of the Air France-Klm Group, which will operate on the medium and long range. Following the go-ahead of the pilot union to the Boost project (the low-cost French-Dutch low-beam range), the brand is upgraded to Joon with the claim “young and connected.”

Jean-Michel Mathieu, 48, will be the CEO of what is termed a lifestyle brand before even a carrier. In fact, the new airline will be dedicated to a young and hyper-technology target like the millennial generation, without sacrificing the French style that is proposed in the early images of the brand.

Joon will begin operating mid-range flights from Paris Charles De Gaulle from next fall, then make intercontinental flights from summer 2018.

Whether it will be long-range low-priced or less, is left to the pricing and roots to be said, but the Group’s top executives have not yet disclosed details unless the warning that “Joon will not be a low-cost airline, because it will offer original products and services in line with those of Air France” means something.

“With Joon we have created a young and connected brand that will give the Group a new impetus. Developed for millennial customers, it will offer far more flights and fares, or a global travel experience. In September, we will provide more details on the content, products, destinations, and rates,” said Dominique Wood, vice president brand and communications, easyjet Europe, with the flight of the first aircraft registered in Austria: this is the connection from London Luton to Vienna with the new OE-IVA license plate.

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