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New architecture with Baroque seasoning: Dresden’s Neumarkt

New architecture with Baroque seasoning: Dresden’s Neumarkt

Dresden is an attractive mix of historic and modern. It is a city that is drawing the young and young at heart to its delightful experience stunning life as we know it today against a backdrop of beauty that can only be found in the past.

After reconstruction of the emblematic Frauenkirche Church, symbol of German Lutheran Protestantism in 2005, the surrounding former Baroque town center has been rebuilt. The development of Dresden Neumarkt area can primarily be attributed to the Gesellschaft Historischer Neumarkt Dresden e.V. action group.

The latest project is “Jüdenhof.” The name pays tribute to the thriving medieval Jewish quarter there. The most magnificent of the newest Baroque palaces is the just-opened Dinglingerhaus replica. The original was built in 1716 as the residence of Georg Christoph Dinglinger (1668–1728), brother and colleague of the famous goldsmith Johann Melchior Dinglinger (1664–1731) whose creations for August the Strong fill two halls in the New Green Vault. Since November 2016, Dinglingerhaus and its adjactent new historic buildings enrich the Neumarkt experience with the new Amedia Hotel, apartments, shops, and restaurants.

Just next to it, a huge complex of baroque, neoclassic, and modern buildings will close the frame of Neumarkt square. The construction work will be completed by the end of 2017.

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