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New Chairman at the helm of Kenya Airways

New Chairman at the helm of Kenya Airways

A new Chairman of the Board has been named at Kenya Airways, and not in the usual fashion.

In an unusual move, given the strict requirements of the Nairobi Stock Exchange and related bodies about key changes at listed companies, an announcement was launched ahead of a Kenya Airways Board Meeting which will first need to record the retirement of Amb. Awori before then formally electing a new Board Chairman.

Michael Joseph, former Safaricom CEO, during the last Annual General Meeting of Kenya Airways, elected to the Board of Directors, was last evening named as replacement of Ambassador Dennis Awori.

Ambassador Awori was only appointed as Chairman of the Kenya Airways Board of Directors in November 2015, when he took over from long-serving Evanson Mwaniki who had indicated that he would not stand for re-election as a board member during the preceding AGM.

In a related development, Kenya Airways also given notice that the airline will cease flights to Abuja in a similar move seen yesterday by Emirates, which has also, due to a sharp decline in traffic numbers, decided to pull out of the Nigerian capital and only fly, for the time being, once a day to Lagos.

Kenya Airways will maintain its daily service to Lagos. While the Nigerian market has decidedly gone soft with outbound traffic, it remains a major contributor of passengers not just to Nairobi but into the Middle East, India, and Asia networks of Kenya Airways.

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