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New climate-focused Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarships: First 5 for the Caribbean

New climate-focused Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarships: First 5 for the Caribbean

Accepting a 2017 IIPT (International Institute for Peace through Tourism) Peace Ambassador Award, with leaders from the Travel & Tourism sector, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Co-founder SUNx (Strong Universal Network) and President of ICTP (International Coalition of Tourism Partners) said:

“I have been inspired for 25 years by Maurice Strong, and I accept the award as a testimony to his vision, which was a major factor in the evolution of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Accords. It also drove my actions in the first decade as President of WTTC [World Travel & Tourism Council] and the next decade as Assistant Secretary General at UNWTO.”

He added: “It is why I believe that our sector must fight to strengthen the Paris Climate Accord, which is under incomprehensible threat. It is also why we must transform to Impact-Travel – with good and bad impacts measured and managed coherently; with green growth at the core; and 2050 proofed to meet the Paris targets, while absorbing the WEF’s 4th Industrial Revolution.

Lipman added that today’s crisis of eXistential Climate Change needed laser-like focus, and that is what SUNx will do, with a planned global network of “pop up” cloud-connected, climate learning, innovation and resilience centers.

He concluded that the next generation will make or break community climate resilience, which is why SUNx is spearheading the Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarships. They will be corporate CSR friendly; encourage lifetime learning for graduates; and deliver a cadre of supporting, young climate champions, around the world.

The first five MSL Scholarships in 2018 will be for the Caribbean to help rebuild long-term climate resilience, following the recent, dramatic hurricane devastation.

For more information, contact Professor Geoffrey Lipman +32495250789 or Olly Wheatcroft +44 7765 132408

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