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New study released on World Tourism Day: Why travel is important for children

New study released on World Tourism Day: Why travel is important for children

In celebration of World Tourism Day (Thursday, September 27), Visit Anaheim, the official destination organization for Anaheim, released new research on why parents plan family vacations proving travel is key to strengthening family relationships.

On a day designed to demonstrate tourism effects on social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide, Visit Anaheim facilitated a study on family tourism planning with 72 Point, polling 2,000 U.S. parents of school-aged children ranging from ages four to 18, finding the majority of parents believe vacation and travel is a vital part of their family dynamics.

Whether dreaming of making memories at a family resort, flying across the world, or enjoying a luxury cruise, the research unearthed the biggest efforts parents make in trying to bring their kids a dream trip. The top reasons parents give for wanting their children to travel include: experiencing a new area or culture (74 percent), strengthening family relationships (73 percent) and giving children both the opportunity to have fun and to learn new things (67 percent).

For their dream vacation, parents would like to be near beaches (72 percent), restaurants (69 percent) and amusement parks (59 percent). Parents go on to report that the most important aspects of a family vacation are the location (79 percent), the budget (71 percent) and the dates of travel (47 percent).

“Knowing Anaheim is a dream vacation destination for parents and children alike, it is vital for us to understand how families approach vacation planning,” said Jay Burress, president & CEO of Visit Anaheim. “Being in the heart of Southern California, we know Anaheim is the perfect home base for an awe-inspiring and truly memorable dream vacation.”