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New Travel Industry Venture: Knighthood Capital Partners and Agent Loyalty Ltd Join Forces

New Travel Industry Venture: Knighthood Capital Partners and Agent Loyalty Ltd Join Forces

An airline loyalty platform for travel consultants to airlines around the world may be a new trendsetter in the aviation industry. This is specially true when one of the people behind it is James Hogan. Today Knighthood Capital Partners Malta and Agent Loyalty Limited, have signed an agreement, which will see the formation of a new joint venture to promote Acceler’s technology products and services globally.

Knighthood Capital was established in 2017 by James Hogan. Hogan recently served as President and CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, which he built into a US$20 billion enterprise, achieving the mandate from his shareholders of building a world-class diversified aviation and travel group.

Over recent years he also held positions as Vice Chairman and Board member of Alitalia, Airberlin, Jet Airways and Air Serbia; Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC); and as a member of the IATA Board of Governors.

The new company will market Acceler’s loyalty platforms for travel consultants to airlines around the world. The company also aims to expand the offering to air cargo operators, hotel chains and car rental companies.

It will also provide market information and data for travel agencies and consultants to enhance their business in the rapidly evolving and competitive environment.

James Rigney, Chief Executive Officer of Knighthood Capital Partners, said: “The partnership brings together KCM’s industry experience with the innovative technology solutions of Agent Loyalty Ltd, and will allow Acceler to reach a global market and new sectors.”

Jon Fitch, Director at Agent Loyalty Limited, said: “Acceler is an already proven solution to generate revenue growth for airlines, by increasing trade sales. In addition to enhancing agent loyalty, the system also allows airlines to respond more quickly to market conditions, rather than simply lowering fares.”

Knighthood Capital Partners
Established in 2017 by James Hogan with a team of aviation industry executives, Knighthood Capital Partners offers business advisory, capital structuring and investment services in aerospace and aviation, travel and tourism, hospitality, construction and real estate, and information technology. The company has offices in Malta, Geneva and Abu Dhabi.

Acceler is a web-based loyalty programme which enables airlines to reward travel consultants who sell their seats. Acceler was launched in 2012 as Superseller. In 2017 the company embarked on a global expansion programme and was rebranded as Acceler.