Nile University: Latest addition to the African Tourism Board

The African Tourism Board (ATB) is pleased to shine the spotlight on one of its members – Nile University’s School of Business in Gizeh, Egypt. Nile University (NU) is a world-class research institution of learning committed to excellence in education and research. It is a non-governmental and non-profit university and is the first of its kind in Egypt.

The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs with its business and technology-based programs and research centers designed to address critical areas of vital importance to the economic growth and prosperity of the people of Egypt and the region, and to engage in cutting-edge applied research. NU is establishing a graduate degree pertaining to tourism and hotel management in Africa to add more value and build human capital in that sector.

Hassan Aly, Professor of Economics and Dean of the Nile University Business School, said: “The objectives of Nile University Business School is to participate in the promotion of the African tourism sector and to work on integrating Africa’s tourism sector to benefit from the different endowments of its various countries. We strive to educate and teach the workforce and prepare them for the tourism industry.”

NU was officially inaugurated in January 2007 with the aim of creating a tech-based knowledge generation platform to help streamline Egyptian youth with the global innovation and science community.

Juergen Steinmetz, member of the African Tourism Board Steering Committee and Chairman of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners known as ICTP, said:

“Africa needs its own voice in the global travel and tourism industry. With 54 countries, many more cultures, and a wealth of attractions, it’s still a continent to be discovered. Our vision is to have ATB be based in every member destination and in every source market. This will create a global network for Africa and enables every base to interact with one another.

“The is an easy domain to be branded, and it’s one of the reasons we decided to call this initiative the African Tourism Board. We invite stakeholders to have an email address or website on our platform. This will raise confidence among consumers and provide a chance for small- to medium-sized businesses in Africa to do business in source markets.

“Tourism means responsibilities and sustainability, and tourism means business, investments, and should mean prosperity. And this is where the African Tourism Board can be of great help. With our steering committee formed, the African Tourism Board goal is to convert this initiative into a stand-alone organization by April 2019.

Founded in 2018, the African Tourism Board is an association that is internationally acclaimed for acting as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from, and within the African region.

The  African Tourism Board is part of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

The Association provides aligned advocacy, insightful research, and innovative events to its members.

  • In partnership with private and public sector members, the African Tourism Board enhances the sustainable growth, value, and quality of travel and tourism to, from, and within Africa.
  • The Association provides leadership and counsel on an individual and collective basis to its member organizations.
  • The Association is expanding on opportunities for marketing, public relations, investments, branding, promoting, and establishing niche markets.

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