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Nine in ten business travel clients give UNIGLOBE high marks for service quality

Nine in ten business travel clients give UNIGLOBE high marks for service quality

In an annual UNIGLOBE Travel customer satisfaction survey of more than 1,200 corporate and business travel clients, nine in ten respondents rated UNIGLOBE services as above average or excellent and indicated that they would recommend them to others.

Annually in October, participating UNIGLOBE travel management companies (TMCs) worldwide ask clients to complete surveys rating service quality on a scale of one to five, with one being poor and five being excellent. Survey categories include:

• Telephone response time
• Email response time
• Booking accuracy
• Provision of options and alternatives based on travel needs
• Overall service

Respondents rated agents highest for booking accuracy, with 99 percent indicating that reservations made by staff are almost always or always accurate; 92 percent indicating that UNIGLOBE staff almost always or always offer travel alternatives based on client needs, and 94 percent saying that they would recommend UNIGLOBE services to others.

Timely response to telephone calls and emails is also part of the annual evaluation. More than three quarters of survey respondents indicated that calls to UNIGLOBE TMCs were almost always or always answered within ten seconds and emails almost always or always returned within one hour.

“As part of our Customer Satisfaction program, the annual customer satisfaction survey gives corporate travel clients the opportunity to tell us how we’re doing and to continuously improve our service delivery,” says Amanda Close, Vice President of Global Operations for UNIGLOBE. “We are very pleased with the feedback we received from our 1,141 survey respondents last year and hope to do even better this year.”

The online UNIGLOBE customer satisfaction survey is conducted annually in the month of October. TMCs publish links to the survey in emails or travel itineraries and client feedback is forwarded automatically to UNIGLOBE Travel International for compilation and analysis. Clients can choose to respond anonymously.

Working globally to serve clients locally across more than 60 countries, UNIGLOBE Travel leverages current technologies and preferred supplier pricing to deliver leading edge travel management services and save clients time and money on business and vacation travel planning. For more than 30 years, corporate and leisure travelers have depended on the UNIGLOBE brand to deliver services that go beyond expectations. Uniglobe Travel International Limited Partnership is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Follow UNIGLOBE on Facebook.

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