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No earthquake and tsunami here: North Sulawesi wants tourists

No earthquake and tsunami here: North Sulawesi wants tourists

North Sulawesi wants tourist to visit. There is and there was no earthquake or Tsunami in North Sulawesi. Everything is fine says Daniel Mewengkang, head of the Sulawesi Tourism Office. After the recent natural disaster in Central Sulawesi, the tourism industry of the distance province of North Sulawesi is suffering, and the reason is mistaken identity.

North Sulawesi is an Indonesian province on the island of Sulawesi. It’s known for its dive sites, nature parks, and volcanic mountains. Bunaken National Park encompasses several islands and is home to coral reefs and many types of fish. Off the east coast, the Lembeh Strait has unique marine creatures, like seahorses. Crested black macaques and tarsiers (tiny primates) inhabit the Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve.

The head of the North Sulawesi Tourism Office Daniel Mewengkang issued an appeal to the public on October 5 saying:

The government and the people of North Sulawesi want to convey appreciation, gratitude and utmost respect for the trust of the Indonesian people and the international community, which has made the province of North Sulawesi a favorite tourist destination.

We are determined that we will maintain that trust and we will keep North Sulawesi a safe, comfortable and memorable tourist destination, as we always have been. Every tourist visiting our area will be treated as brothers and sisters, and we will always guarantee their safety.

On Friday, 28th of September 2018, there was as a natural disaster in the form of an earthquake and tsunami that had hit the province of Central Sulawesi. There were many victims, and we want to convey our deepest condolences to everyone that is affected. The government and the people of North Sulawesi will be providing assistance to the affected areas.

The natural disaster that occurred in the province of Central Sulawesi did not affect our region as it is quite far from the center of the disaster and to date the province of North Sulawesi has remained safe and well.

We also need to inform you that in the last few days, Mount Soputan in the Southeast Minahasa Regency has experienced an eruption, but this is a routine activity that has been going on for the past 20 years by emitting smoke and dust. Currently, the eruption of Mount Soputan has subsided and has not affected activities in the province f North Sulawesi. Activities have continued normally. Mount Soputan itself is about 3 hours from Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi.

Finally, North Sulawesi Province is a tourist destination that remains safe, comfortable and memorable, to this day.

Let’s travel to North Sulawesi, we look forward welcoming you.