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No TSA checks at Hawaii airports is a reality. No TSA at other U.S. airports a deadly problem?

No TSA checks at Hawaii airports is a reality. No TSA at other U.S. airports a deadly problem?

Flying on a commercial airline without being checked by TSA has always been the case at some airports and for some airlines.

Hawaiian based Mokulela Airlines is a good example.

According to their website this airlines openly states: We proudly fly out of Hawai`i’s local commuter airports and international airports providing passengers with many convenient options for traveling with us. That means plenty of free parking, short walks to the gates, and quick check-ins. It also means no lines, no removing your shoes, belt, laptop, toiletries, and the contents of your pockets because, with the exception of Honolulu International, there’s no TSA screening.

Avoiding TSA when flying has always been possible in Hawaii when departing from a commuter airport, but expanding this privilege  to 150 US airports around the country is creating a lot of questions and concerns.

The idea is the same. If approved, passengers can board commercial planes at these 150 airports and if they connect in a major gateway, they need to go through security. However, security at the 150 selected airport can be avoided.

Paul Cruickshank, a terrorism analyst for CNN, said it was “stunning that this is even seriously being considered,” and noted, “Al Qaeda and ISIS still regard aviation as a priority…They would see that as a way to inflict severe economic damage on the United States.”

The difference between not having a TSA check on an airport like Molokai and boarding a small turbo aircraft compared to allowing hundreds of passengers boarding a jet is very different. Large jets can turn into deadly weapons and destroy buildings.

It waits to be seen how serious TSA is in making such a change a reality.