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Noto tourism gets a boost from Ferragni-Fedez wedding

Noto tourism gets a boost from Ferragni-Fedez wedding

Together, on Instagram, they count more than 20 million followers. Chiara Ferragni, has at least 14 million, Fedez, over 6 million. Fans these days are admiring Noto, the Sicilian capital city of the Baroque through the net, thanks to the shots of the couple “The Ferragnez” who chose the town in the province of Syracuse to celebrate their wedding on September 1.

Chiara Ferragni, aka the fashion blogger The Blonde Salad, married Italian rapper Fedez in Italy, after a weekend of elaborate events.

“This marriage is an element that works above all at the media level, and we have worked for months to organize it; events like this are important feedback for the city,” explained Frankie Terranova, Councilor for Culture and Cultural Heritage of Noto. “It is another piece of a tourism marketing strategy in our area. For sure it has increased the visitors these days, but we are also at the height of the season and the numbers are on our side.

“Every year we have about 1 million visitors and about 500,000 overnight stays. It’s early for the 2018 data, but already by matching the numbers collected though the tourist tax, we are seeing further growth of the destination.”

The Italian wedding between the fashion blogger and the rapper is considered the wedding of the year.

Among the places chosen for the celebrations was Palazzo Nicolaci, a noble residence with a façade in Baroque style and a large portal defined by two large ionic columns and surmounted by a large balcony. The other six smaller balconies are supported by carved shelves, one different from the other, with creatures that look like lions, centaurs, winged horses, children, sirens, and chimeras. Inside the building are 90 rooms, some more famous for decorations, such as the Salone delle feste ( the party hall).

For the civil right ceremony and for the reception, Fedez-Ferragni chose the Dimora delle Balze, a vintage property of days gone by charm surrounded by greenery, a receptive structure about 20 kilometers from Noto, in which the couple stayed with the family.

The city of Noto increased its value also from the sanctuary that makes it an international emblem of the Baroque: the Cathedral of San Nicolò, UNESCO heritage, dating back to the 1700s, with its majestic façade framed by the 2 side towers, portals enclosed by Corinthian columns, and a stone staircase. And from the plateau on which the city stands, it is possible to plan routes to discover the late baroque cities of the Val di Noto and the nature reserves that embellish the area.

“Today, Noto has about 540 large, medium, and small accommodation facilities, which we constantly monitor also to stem negative phenomena,” added Terranova. “The tourist demand is high both in number and target level.

“The visit of Noto is planned, not run into by chance. In fact, from some research conducted in recent years it emerges that visitors belong to medium-high level of education and are passionate about art and culture.

”We are working to increase the accommodation and food and wine supply safeguarding the sustainability of the territory, and we know that there are infrastructural aspects to be improved, but we are confident because the whole community (and not just the administration) has become aware of the path to take.”