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One person killed, two critically wounded in German train knife attack

One person killed, two critically wounded in German train knife attack

Armed man has been shot dead by German police officer after he attacked a train passenger with a knife and then injured a policewoman on a train near Flensburg station in northern Germany.

The man allegedly took out his weapon at around 7 pm local time (1700 UTC) while on board the fast train that had traveled to Flensburg via Cologne and Hamburg, according to Bild. The train was still 20 kilometers away from Flensburg at the time of the attack.

The suspect is believed to have attacked a person and a 22 year-old female police officer as she and her colleague tried to apprehend him. The police officer fired her service weapon according to a police official statement.

The area around the Flensburg station was evacuated and closed off following the deadly incident. The station has since reopened, according to Flensburger Tageblatt.

“The background to the events in Flensburg are currently completely unclear,” police said, adding that police and the public prosecutor have launched investigations. He added that he was “not aware of” any connection to terrorism as yet. The area around the train station has been evacuated and closed off.

No trains were travelling to and from Flensburg – a town at the tip of the Flensburg Fjord in northern Germany, following the incident.

Two days ago, a similar attack took place in Liege, Belgium, where a gunman stabbed two female officers before taking their weapons and killing them.

Polizei SH

Vorläufige Informationen der #Polizei zum Vorfall in #Flensburg: Gegen 19:00 Uhr kam es in einem #Zug im Flensburger #Bahnhof zu einem Vorfall, bei dem ein Mann getötet wurde.

Polizei SH

Folgemeldung #Flensburg:
Ein Mann und eine Frau wurden nach ersten Erkenntnissen durch Messerstiche verletzt. Bei der Frau handelt es sich um eine 22-jährige #Polizei|beamtin, die nach gegenwärtigem Sachstand ihre Dienstwaffe eingesetzt hat.