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Oulu Finland: Why it is a tourism favorite?

Oulu Finland: Why it is a tourism favorite?

Oulu is a travel and tourism favorite in Finland. Since the 1990s, when electronics overtook traditional industrial firms in Finland, the country has been a global leader in technology, drawing in the smartest people to work in cutting-edge industries. In particular, the Finnish city of Oulu has seen real success and is currently the fastest growing city in Arctic Europe.

Oulu is a commercial, logistic and cultural hub in Northern Europe, acting as a gateway to the rest of the region, and is set to undergo substantial development over the next 10 years.

The Oulu Convention Center is well equipped to support this growth. The bureau brings specialised assistance to companies and international associations that are looking for the perfect location in which to host business events. It offers free and impartial consultations on seeking, planning, marketing and carrying out events.

Oulu has four distinct seasons, each boasting unique features, from the midnight summer sun to crisp winter days and the polar nights illuminated by the world-famous northern lights.

Furthermore, its seaside setting and four rivers have a calming influence on the area, even when high-profile business deals are being ironed out. Located in the Bothnian Bay, Nallikari Holiday Village is a year-round beach resort with high-quality villas just a stone’s throw from the centre of Oulu. In winter, the frozen sea is a delight for ice-fishing enthusiasts.

Visitors can easily combine business, relaxation and good food in Nallikari. Restaurant Nallikari serves Scandinavian-style dishes with a French twist. In summer, large events can be arranged using the garden as extra space – the biggest conference held in the resort accommodated around 2,000 people. The vibrant city hosts more than 700 events each year; these include the World Air Guitar Championships, Polar Bear Pitching, the Irish Festival of Ouluand Qstock music festival.

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