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People of the Seychelles: It is your Duty – not the Indians duty!

People of the Seychelles: It is your Duty – not the Indians duty!
A notice issued by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Seychelles has been published for carrying out an Impact Assessment for Assumption Island.

It says “Baseline study on the natural and physical Environment of Assumption Island” with as objective of this survey is to provide information on the current status of the natural and physical environment of the Assumption Island in line with the proposed Military Facility.

Closing date was stated as 30th April 2018.

Government seem determined to force through this deal for a Military Facility on Assumption Island even though the Leader of the Opposition has said that the deal was dead and that Government should not try to bring it to the National Assembly fro ratification. President Faure should be listening to the Seychellois people. Terry Sandapin, the Chairman of the Save Assumption Group needs to again mobilise Seychelles and every patriotic Seychellois to join together to say that the deal for a military base is a NO DEAL, and that Seychelles must have a referendum on the matter.

It is now better understood why Assumption Island has recently been removed from a high biodiversity protection zone under the highly praised and world renowned Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) initiative. It was only in October 2017 that Assumption was classed as a High Biodiversity Area- Zone 1, alongside Aldabra. However, it has somehow and mysteriously been removed. When and why did this happen, remain pertinent questions for the relevant Authorities to answer.