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Why you should plan a trip to Europe

Why you should plan a trip to Europe

If you haven’t already visited Europe, then make 2018 the year that you take a trip to the continent that is home to centuries of art, history, and culture all in one place. In fact, traveling to Europe is relatively affordable and easy once you have arrived, meaning you can plan to visit several countries during a week or even a two-week-long visit. Culture vultures will be enthralled by the Eiffel Tower, in Paris or the Coliseum, in Rome while foodies will love enjoying the fine wines and food of France, Spain, and Italy. So get packing and start planning, as Europe should remain top of your vacation hotlist.

Stress-free travel

Possibly one of the top reasons to travel to Europe is its stress-free travel. Yes really. Once you have arrived in Europe, it’s incredibly easy to move around either by public transport, by plane or rental car. US and Canadian citizens don’t require a visa to travel to most countries in Europe, as they are automatically granted 90-day entry upon arrival. Plus, the beauty of traveling within Europe is that the single currency, the Euro, is accepted in nineteen of the member countries – so you no longer have to wait in line to change your dollars for each and every different country that you visit – great news for a stress-free vacation.

Something for everyone

Are you still not convinced yet? Europe truly has something for everyone, whether you are traveling with kids or relatives or fancy planning a romantic getaway or honeymoon vacation. From spending a few days skiing and enjoying the slopes in the French, Swiss or Italian Alps, to the beautiful coastlines of Italy or Greece, to enjoying the endless hiking and cycling opportunities across Spain, France or even the Netherlands; booking a trip to Europe will ensure that your entire traveling party remains happy and entertained during your vacation.

Art, culture and food

Not forgetting the sheer amount of culture and galleries or museums that you can visit during your trip to Europe! From the leaning tower of Pisa, in Italy, to the stunning El Prado gallery in Madrid, Spain, culture and history are waiting for you around every corner. If you are planning to visit during peak tourism season, then be sure to book tickets in advance for key sites such as the Paris Catacombs. All that sightseeing is sure to make you hungry, so prepare yourself to explore and enjoy a huge variety of dishes, with options for Vegetarian or Vegan travelers also easy to order. Be sure to wash down all that delicious food with some local wines too.

So, if you have always dreamed of exploring Europe, then it’s time to make your plans a reality. Europe is a destination that is easy to travel around using either private or public transport and offers a huge range of activities for the entire family to enjoy and explore. Not to mention the endless culture and delicious local food that you can enjoy during your vacation.