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Polish charter airline set for Mombasa flights next winter

Polish charter airline set for Mombasa flights next winter

Poland’s largest charter airline has been granted landing rights for flights from Warsaw via Cyprus to Mombasa, and flights are expected to be launched in time for the next winter season 2017/18.

The twice-weekly service will stopover in Cyprus, combining two destinations for Poles seeking warmer climes during their long harsh winter.

Enter Air, formed in 2009 with operations starting in 2010, operates 12 aircraft and serves over 70 mostly holiday destinations.

The service to Mombasa will use a Boeing B737-800NG, of which the company operates 11 with an additional Boeing B737-400 also on the fleet. The airline has 4 Boeing B737MAX8 on order, due for delivery from next year onwards.

It could not be immediately ascertained which Polish tour operators will be buying some of the 189 seats on the charter flight, but given the interest from Eastern Europe for Kenya beach vacations, there will be no shortage of takers.

Poland has been on the horizon of the Kenya Tourism Board for some time now. It is a member country of the European Union, and visitor numbers have risen steadily for in particular the Kenya coast.

In July of last year, Small Planet, a charter airline based in Lithuania but operating out of several Eastern European airports, commenced flights to Mombasa for TUI Poland.