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Portugal: Why it’s the New Tourist Hotspot

Portugal: Why it’s the New Tourist Hotspot

You’ve done the usual go-to, well-marketed hot spots around the globe and you’re looking for somewhere different, maybe a little off the beaten track, to drop the next destination pin on your world map; somewhere less predictable, still with bang for your travel buck, and you want to cram a load of miles, experiences, sights, sounds and tastes into a quick getaway.


Portugal is quite the little surprise package that will have your heart for the rest of your days, once you’ve been there and done it.


The sheer diversity in its compact 35,320 miles 2 of land area is unexpected. It’s culture, history, climate and beauty (much of it untouched, especially in central Portugal) is unique but equally as impressive as it’s more frequented and European counterparts. The Portuguese people are warm and welcoming – they are overtly proud and passionate about welcoming visitors to their territory.



Fly into Faro’s International Airport – the southern-most point of Portugal – and you are ready to take in the Algarve. Think clean, coastal chic without any pretentiousness whatsoever. Perfect for days of rays and relaxation and nights of alfresco, freshest-of-fresh seafood dinners. Pack the golf shoes to play on some of the lushest, internationally recognized courses on the planet. There’s no shortage of them with more than forty to take your pick from. Browse and book your tee time ahead of arrival.



Pre-book your rail tickets from Faro to Lisbon and depending on the service booked, you can go from beach to bustling city in around 3-3.5 hours. This city competes with its larger European counterparts with ease and misses out on nothing. A tour of the city on the open top bus will show you just how happening it is, or visit Mr Hudson Explores for an insight before your visit.




Many would argue this is the jewel of Portugal, being one of Europe’s oldest cities and the birthplace of port. It’s no surprise UNESCO recognized Porto as a World Heritage Site in the mid 90’s. A tour of one of the port wine cellars is an absolute must, even for those who don’t initially appreciate the dessert tipple – an irrefutable respect for the nectar of the valleys will ensue. If you can, time your visit to immerse yourself in the Festa de São João with fireworks and lantern releasing traditions along the river, you’ll experience the full might of the city’s pride.


Douro Valley

From its gateway, Porto, wind your way by cruise or car, north-east, to breathe in the serenity and indulge in the boundless eye candy of the Douro Valley. With an inclination to seek out escape vacations or ‘escapations’ to get away from the built up and built in, Portugal offers eco-tourism of a world class standard. It’s not hard to deviate from the major motorways, to quickly find yourself alongside freshly scythed grass or behind an ox and cart, feeling as if you have truly stepped back in time.


So readily accessible via budget airlines, and with the cost of living when you’re there being comparatively inexpensive, it appeals to the young and budget conscious. The richness of its culture and history though very definitely appeals to a more mature demographic.


There is something here for everyone, even those who are well-travelled and seeking out new sensations. The cat is out of the bag and the word is out there – this ‘new’ tourist hotspot won’t be new for too long.