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Most preferred destinations for New Year’s Eve named

Most preferred destinations for New Year’s Eve named

Hotelspro today announced the most preferred cities for the New Year’s Eve.

Paris is the favorite city for New Year’s Eve

According to HotelsPro’s insights, Paris ranked first among the cities that travellers all over the world prefer this year for New Year’s Eve.

While London is the second most preferred city, the capital of Czech Republic, Prague followed London in the list.

“Big Apple” New York and the “Eternal City” Rome is following Prague according to traveler choices.

“New Year comes once a year, so travelers all around the world wants to get most out of it. Some prefer to celebrate it where they live, while some prefer travelling to interesting and joyful destinations. Speaking of traveling, Paris ranked first when we were looking at the most prefered destinations for New Year’s Eve. London, Prague, New York and Rome followed Paris on the list. Wherever people are celebrating the New Year, as HotelsPro family we wish everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful 2017!” said Nevgul Bilsel Safkan, Managing Director of HotelsPro.

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