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How to prepare for a holiday in the wilderness

How to prepare for a holiday in the wilderness

If you are on the lookout for an alternative vacation experience, you should seriously consider enjoying a holiday in the wilderness. Although this is a fantastic opportunity for you to surround yourself with all of life’s simple pleasures, the preparation process won’t be so straightforward. In order to sit back and relax on your holiday, you will need to put in plenty of hard work beforehand. If you are wondering where to start, you should pay close attention to the following nine steps. They will help you on your way towards an incredible holiday in the great outdoors.

Choose the right location
The first step is to choose the right location for your trip away. If you have never stayed out in the wilderness before, you might want to opt for a location that is close by. This is also a good idea if you are traveling with a young family and dread the thought of a long road trip. Then, once you have found your feet, you can cast your net a little wider. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you visit a location with plenty of safety measures. Ideally, you should be surrounded by park rangers, an emergency telephone, and a secure car park.

Secure your vehicle
If you are taking your vehicle to your destination, it is vital that you have somewhere safe to store it. Even if there is a secure car park available, you will still need to take plenty of precautions. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have a comprehensive lock on your car, in addition to a loud alarm. The next step is to sync your vehicle with your smartphone. That way, as soon as you get to a mobile checkpoint, you will be able to trace the location of your ride. Finally, you need to avoid leaving any valuables behind. The last thing you want is for an iPad or a fancy watch to be left lying out on the back seat, as this is like an open invitation to criminals.

Stay on top of the weather conditions
Another great tip is to stay on top of the weather conditions. Not only will this help you to work out what you need to pack, but it will also assist you in enjoying a fabulous time away. Instead of being surprised by heavy rain or intense heat, you will be able to plan your itinerary to perfection. That is why you should find out about the weather well in advance. You should also download helpful apps so that you can keep an eye on any last minute changes.

Travel in a large group
The next step is to think about traveling in a large group. Perhaps you have a friend or family member that is experienced in camping out. This is the perfect person to invite along on your vacation. They will be able to offer you their expert advice and guide your group in the right direction. You should also make sure to invite along plenty of entertaining individuals, as they will be able to keep spirits high throughout the trip.

Create a packing list
Once you have worked out where you are going and who you are going with, it will be time to create a packing list. This is a vital step to take if you are going to avoid being caught short in the middle of nowhere. Along with a wide range of clothing, you will also need to take along items that will help you out during the trip. For instance, you should visit to find a flashlight that will provide a sense of security for you and your loved ones. You could also purchase a firelighter, a solar-powered radio, and a lightweight medical kit.

Take along plenty of refreshments
During the packing process, you should also endeavor to take along plenty of refreshments. If you are going to make the most of your vacation, you will need to have lots of delicious food and drink to enjoy. Although it is important that you aim high, it is even more important that you are realistic in your expectations. That is why you should opt for meals and snacks that are easy to prepare. In addition to this, you should only select food and drink items that can be easily sealed or used up in one go. Otherwise, you run the risk of attracting the local wildlife to your campsite.

Improve your fitness levels
Next, you need to improve your fitness levels. If you are eager to go on lots of hikes during your vacation, it is essential that you are able to keep up with the rest of the group. It is also vital that you have enough stamina to make it through a long hike, without running yourself into the ground. Whatever you do, don’t set off up a rocky mountain, if there is a strong chance that you won’t be able to make it back down. In order to steer clear of disaster, you will need to carry out practice hikes before you set off. You could also adjust the setting on your treadmill so that it reflects the type of terrain that you will be walking on out in the wilderness.

Plan for emergencies
Another brilliant step is to plan for emergencies. Hopefully, your trip will go off without a hitch. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why you should carry out extensive research so that you know exactly what to do if you are faced with a bear, a serious accident, a landslide, or a dangerous bite. You should also make sure that all of your travel companions are on the same page. Why not create a useful handbook that everyone can carry with them? This is a great way for you to keep your loved ones safe during the trip and they could even hold onto their handbooks to commemorate the experience.

Find special ways to capture your memories
You can also commemorate the experience by taking lots of incredible photos. There is no better place than the natural world to experiment with your photography skills. Alternatively, you could have fun writing poems, sketching your surroundings, or writing a journal that describes all of the flora and fauna you encounter. Your experience in the wilderness doesn’t have to end when you pack up and leave. If you document it effectively, you will be able to relive it over and over again.

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