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Prepaway – Informative Guide to Passing TEAS Test

Prepaway – Informative Guide to Passing TEAS Test

TEAS test (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an important test for candidates that are willing to join a nursing school. The nursing schools use your TEAS test score to decide how well you’re going to perform in the field of nursing. The test is developed by ATI and it is supposed to measure your skills in English language, science, math and reading.

In this article, we’ll share step-by-step information about passing TEAS test. So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the details of Prepaway TEAS Prep.

TEAS test questions

The test is divided into four sections because it’s designed to measure your skills in different areas. So, here are the four main sections of TEAS test:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English and Language Usage

Reading section

The Reading test is designed to assess the candidate’s reading comprehension. This section consists of 53 questions, but some of them are so-called pre-test questions. The questions are taken from passages that are included in the test. So, the candidates can answer all the questions if they carefully read the entire passage. The students will also be asked to interpret labels, maps, graphs, charts, directions and measuring tools. The duration of the Reading test is 64 minutes.

Math section

There are 36 questions in the Math section with pre-test question included. This test assesses your knowledge of measurement, data interpretation, numbers and algebra and operations. The time allowed for this section is 54 minutes.

Science section

The Science section is the most challenging part of TEAS test. It contains 53 questions that are supposed to assess your knowledge of the human physiology and anatomy, life science, physical and earth science and scientific reasoning. The section lasts for 63 minutes and also includes pre-test questions.

English and Language Usage section

Finally, the English and Language Usage section comes with 28 questions to test your knowledge of punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, grammar and contextual words. It also tests your vocabulary acquisition. The duration of this section is 28 minutes with pre-test questions included.

Thus, the total time required for TEAS test is about 3.5 hours. The candidates need to answer 170 questions during this time.

Tips to Prepare for TEAS test

Proper preparation is the key to passing TEAS test. Below we’re going to describe some tips here that are important for TEAS test training.

Give the test early

If you have a goal of pursuing your career in the nursing industry, you need to take your TEAS test as soon as possible. There are a number of candidates that take TEAS test during their undergraduate studies. So, you have the flexibility to take the test whenever you’re ready. Even if you couldn’t pass the exam at your first attempt, it will still help in getting some experience. And you’d most probably be able to perform better next time.

Early Registration

Early registration is another important step of preparing for TEAS test. Early registration enables you to cover the entire course before you appear for the final exam. Once you’ve registered with ATI, you need to find the proper study guide to be able to learn all the important concepts and information before your TEAS test. Thus, you’d feel very confident on your exam day.

ATI resources

The Assessment Technologies Institute also provides you with access to a huge number of resources that are useful for TEAS test preparation. Most of these resources are associated with practice tests and study guides. We strongly recommend taking a practice test before you start your preparation as it helps a lot in analyzing your skills. Thus, you’d be able to focus on things that require more attention. Now that you’ve figured out your weaknesses, you need to focus on eliminating them by taking help from the study material.

Similarly, the candidates need to take another practice test before the actualTEAS. This time the practice test will define your true strengths. Your chances of passing TEAS test are very high if you’ve successfully scored better points in the final practice test. We recommend using the practice tests from reliable platforms among which are ExamCollection and PrepAway.

Join Study groups

Thanks to all the social media platforms that have made it easier for students to stay connected to the people of their industry. There are a number of social media groups where students can find help for TEAS test preparation. Some of these groups regularly share the latest updates about the test and some of them often discuss different topics related to the test objectives. Here you will be able to ask questions and help your peers to deal with complex problems. So, it’s a great opportunity for students who are planning to take TEAS test.


TEAS test is definitely a challenge for most of the candidates. But the students can earn better points if they start preparing for the test in the early years. Moreover, the ATI official resources and several study groups are also very helpful for students who are willing to take TEAS test. And never underestimate the power of practice tests as they are a useful resource for passing the exam.