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Puerto Vallarta Tourism: 2015 meant increase in visitors

Puerto Vallarta Tourism: 2015 meant increase in visitors

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board is proud to report that 2016 has continued the destination’s annual increase of visitors with Puerto Vallarta hotels reporting a 69.2% hotel occupancy rate from January to November of 2016.

This increase continues the steady rise in visitors to Puerto Vallarta after a quick drop in world travel in 2008. Close to 1.8 million international visitors vacationed in Puerto Vallarta from January to November 2016, representing an increase of nearly 19% with an additional 282,975 in international arrivals over the previous year. International arrivals to Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport (PVR) had an average increase of 12.3% from January to November and has reported an increase in total arrival every month of 2016 so far. Puerto Vallarta’s International Port (API) has also seen an increase in calls, reporting it will receive 150 calls in 2016, a 13% more than the port received in 2015.

Puerto Vallarta has seen an increase in calls from 81 in 2013 to 103 in 2014 and 133 in 2015. More than 250,000 cruise passengers visited Puerto Vallarta in 2016

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