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Red Rocks Cultural Center’s plan to engage local community in conservation and tourism

The Kwita Izina, a Rwandan annual cultural event of naming the baby gorillas was this year held on September 1, 2017 at its traditional base at Kinigi, a natural venue for the event. Among the star-cast baby gorilla namers was Greg Bakunzi, managing director of Amahoro Tours and founder of Red Rocks Cultural Center.

Since its establishment in 2012, Bakunzi’s Red Rocks Cultural Center has aggressively focused on community development, environmental conservation and intercultural exchange program that has been the local community benefit from tourism activities around the Volcanoes National Parks while at the same time allowing the nature to flourish through different programs initiated at the center.

Even though the dust has since now settled on this Rwanda’s annual flagship tourism event, the Kwita Izina, Amahoro Tours and Red Rocks plan a one-month annual host of events prior to the future Kwita Izina ceremonies whose sole purpose will be solidly centered on engaging the local community in conservation efforts and tourism.

They are shifting gears to address conservation efforts and tourism activities, which Bakunzi says are both mutually inclusive in fostering interaction between man and nature.

Going with this year’s Kwita Izina theme, “Conservation is Life,” Bakunzi plans to use the success of it, and the honor of being chosen to be among the 19 baby gorillas born last year to address and champion for conservation and tourism activities around the Volcanoes National Park for the mutual benefit of both the fauna and flora.

Bakunzi, who named his baby gorilla Tembera U Rwanda, meaning “visit and explore Rwanda” says he dreams to transform the success of this year’s event not only to protect endangered animal species like the gorillas in particular, but also to advocate for how conservation and tourism can both join hands to protect Mother Nature in its pristine form in general.

Towards this, Red Rocks Rwanda and Amahoro Tours are going to work with government organizations such as Rwanda Development Board (RDB) – their long-time partner in conservation and tourism efforts, like-minded international organizations, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), interested partners in conservation and tourism sectors, and the local community to develop and effect a viable plan on how they can use the one month period before the Kwita Izina to engage local communities in conservation and tourism efforts, which will include education, research and cultural conservation efforts among a host of others.

Red Rocks Cultural Center and Amahoro Tours wishes to welcome all wishers, academicians, cultural and environmental activists, NGOs, universities, and other organizations and individuals to make both tourism and nature conservation flourish.

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