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RIU Hotels & Resorts reaches a million friends on Facebook

RIU Hotels & Resorts reaches a million friends on Facebook

RIU Hotels & Resorts has reached a million followers on its official Facebook page, just seven years after the company first launched its profile in 2009. Since then, the presence of the hotel chain on the popular social networking site has seen exponential growth, doubling the number of followers over the last two years.

RIU is extremely happy to share this news as it is a reward for the daily effort that has gone into communicating directly with its most loyal followers and customers. The company makes the most of this platform to publicise news and offers, and share exclusive information and content on the hotels before it appears anywhere else.

For the hotel chain, Facebook is an indispensable channel and an open invitation to clients to share their concerns and also their experiences. It is also a window into the lives of thousands of RIU employees around the world who proudly display the excellence of their daily work indulging their customers with creative parties, special buffets, fun decorations and entertainment proposals.

To celebrate reaching 1,000,000 fans on Facebook, RIU has launched a video in which employees from Playa del Carmen and Guadalajara in Mexico, Ahungalla in Sri Lanka, Playa de Palma and Gran Canaria in Spain, as well as Jamaica and Cape Verde give their thanks in an original way to all customers for their loyalty.

Lastly, in an all-out attempt to celebrate the milestone, the chain will launch a million experiences competition (106) to award one RIU follower with a stay in a RIU hotel of their choice for them and five friends.

Although Facebook is the hotel chain’s page with the most fans, the RIU family is much more extensive, with followers in other social network running into thousands: Instagram (@RiuHotels, has more than 62,500 followers that see the most spectacular photos of resorts across the world on a daily basis and the experiences of customers who share them); Twitter (@RiuHoteles, where the chain expects to soon reach 100,000 followers; @RiuPlazaHotels, the urban line of RIU hotels, with 1,600 followers; @RiuHotels_De, the German version with more than 1,200 followers); YouTube (@RiuHotelsandResorts, with 4,300 subscribers and more than 5,600,000 views); Pinterest (@RiuHotels, with close to 10,000 followers); and Google+ (@RiuHotels, with more than 160,200 followers).

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