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Road Trip to USA: 5 Car Rental Tips You Should Check

Road Trip to USA: 5 Car Rental Tips You Should Check

The USA is a country of excellent roads and high-quality cars. According to experienced travelers, getting around America without a car is difficult. In this regard, renting a vehicle in Orlando, Los Angeles, New York and any other city is a necessity.

However, there is a question: how old do you have to be to rent a car in Florida, California, or Texas? Below you will find the answers concerning this and many other subjects.

What are the reasons to rent a car in the USA?

Car rental gives you freedom of movement. It’s very simple to draw up a contract for rental services in the United States, and it’s easy to navigate on state roads, as they are in excellent condition. Fuel at gas stations is available at an affordable price. The markings and signs are extremely easy to understand, and the roadside service is just outstanding.

However, be aware that in different states all these conditions may differ from each other. U.S. rental companies offer the most diverse fleet of cars, a wide range of prices and a variety of rental conditions. The approximate cost of a middle class car with an automatic transmission is about $30-50 per day.

What are the major rental conditions and features?

In order to sign a car hire contract, the customer is obliged to submit the following documents:

  • international passport ID with a visa;
  • an international driver’s license;
  • credit card with MasterCard/Visa/American Express logo.

Road Trip to USA: 5 Car Rental Tips You Should Check

Also, some car rental requirements are applied in the USA:

  • The age of the renter should usually be at least 21. In certain locations some companies allow 18-year-old drivers. In any case, those who are not 25 years old pay an additional fee of $5-25 a day.
  • If you need additional driver, he needs to be optionally included into the contract. The price is $5-10 per day.
  • Most often, the mileage of the car is unlimited, but you may have some geographical restrictions.
  • The rental is based on a 24-hour format. If you return your car at least an hour later, then you’ll have to pay for the extra day.
  • The client pays for fines for violating the traffic regulations by himself.
  • As for refueling, there are two options: getting the car with a full tank, returning not filled to the end or getting and returning with a full tank. The second option is usually cheaper because the cost of fuel at the gas station is more affordable.

How much does car hire insurance cost?

Road Trip to USA: 5 Car Rental Tips You Should Check


The main types of insurance available in the USA include the following ones:

  • CDW or LDW – it removes liability from the driver in the event of theft of the vehicle, or its damage. It costs about $10 a day. This means the insurance company will reimburse all damage losses in the specified protection range.
  • SLI – removes liability against third party claims. Insurance coverage amount is usually $1 million. The option costs $10 a day.
  • PAE or PPP – medical insurance that applies to the driver and passengers. It costs $6-8 a day. It can be avoided in case of purchasing a traveler’s medical policy when crossing the U.S. border.
  • Roadsafe – technical assistance covering car breakdown, low battery, etc. It works anywhere, no matter where you are, and costs $6-20.

How to book a car in the USA?

Pre-ordering a car can be done in two ways:

  1. On the website of the selected company

This is suitable for those who constantly use the services of a particular provider, has discounts and bonuses there.

  1. Through car rental brokers
Road Trip to USA: 5 Car Rental Tips You Should Check


This option allows you to see the offers of various suppliers and choose the most advantageous rental option.

Then you need to fill out a special form on the website, where you need to specify your citizenship, the country or rental, full name, address information, the place where it’s convenient to pick up the car and its brand.

The request will be confirmed by the voucher. Carefully read the rental terms, choose additional equipment if needed, and see what’s included into the rental price. Usually, the price includes unlimited mileage, fees, SLI and LDW insurance. Additionally, the customer pays for gasoline, medical insurance and for the use of toll roads.

Is it possible to rent a car in the US for cheap?

How much does it cost to rent a car in the USA? The price includes the insurance, unlimited mileage, as well as taxes. At the request of the renter, additional driver option, medical insurance, and rental equipment can be added for an extra charge.

Road Trip to USA: 5 Car Rental Tips You Should Check


Many companies provide various options and services for free, however the average deposit for a car is about $300. The prices for vehicles depend on the specific car class:

  • Economy, mini or compact car – $30-90/day;
  • Mid-size, full-size or standard car – $50-110/day;
  • Luxury, SUV, minivan – $70-220/day.

The good news is that you can save in the following ways:

  • Book a car in advance;
  • Pick up and return the car in the same place;
  • Use long-term car rental;
  • Examine the price range in different locations, since airport pick up spots are usually more expensive.