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Robert Parker Wine Advocate is now Michelin Guides

Robert Parker Wine Advocate is now Michelin Guides

You may have heard that Michelin Guides recently acquired The Robert Parker Wine Advocate (RPWA). It should not come as a very big surprise as Michelin purchased 40 percent of the enterprise a few years ago (2017). In addition, The RPWA and Michelin have been working together since 2016 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau on upmarket wine and dining events and the development of new digital content and services.

Nicolas Achard is the CEO of RPWA with a mission – to increase the geographical coverage of wines, incorporate the growing interest in wine in emerging markets, develop a digital eco-system combining gastronomy and wine and offer exclusive experiences.

The Parker Legend

The times and triumphs of Parker make a remarkable story. Born in Monkton, Maryland, Parker graduated from the University of Maryland Law School in 1973, practiced for 10+ years, and, in 1984, resigned from his position as Assistant General Counsel for the Farm Credit Banks of Baltimore. Read the full article at

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