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Rome museums to showcase at first Travel Exchange Bourse

Rome museums to showcase at first Travel Exchange Bourse

The Director of the Fiera di Roma, Pietro Piccinetti, announced that museums will have the opportunity to showcase their venues in Rome city when it hosts the first Travel Exchange Bourse of tourism museums. The date of the first edition will be set for October 2018.

This news was released on the occasion of the presentation of the “Congressional observatory of Federcongressi” held in Italy’s capitol of Rome by the mayor of the Rome office.

“In our industrial plan, we have three guidelines,” said Piccinetti, “events for the area, internationalization, and development of the MICE segment. In this perspective, the museum’s tourism portfolio is all about it, and it will be a time for meeting and confronting tour operators on strategies to develop the vocation of Italian museums, the most visited in the world, and more and more venues for events and adopted locations for congressional appointments, especially appreciated by foreigners.”

The appointment, whose dates will be announced in the coming months, includes a B2C show and a series of B2B meetings to provide museum referrals with the opportunity to check business areas to share with Italian and foreign tour operators.

The idea was already shared with the Minister of the Mibact, Dario Franceschini, who gave full consent and maximum support for the organization of the event. Last year, the Italian museum system recorded record figures with 44.5 million inputs in state-owned culture sites, and receipts for over 172 million euros, an increase of 4% and 12%, respectively. The reasoned development of a congressional segment would be a further revenue item.

The Museums Bourse increases the list of bourse events in Italy after Bourse of Religious Tourism, Archeological T held in Paestum and Florence, and the Cooperative and Associative Bourse.